Because Authenticity is Better

“You got that fire. Some people live their entire lives to get it. Some people go to church to get it, and some people are just born with with it. But you got it, and you got a little street in you too!” A random man told me that yesterday morning, and all I’d done was smiled and told him good morning. He caught me off guard with his comment, and I just sat there gushing like an idiot! Here’s the thing though. I don’t think the man was flirting. He was simply verbalizing his observation. Once he left, I started wondering… What was it that he saw? How was he so bold to say that to me? He didn’t know who I was or how I would respond… but he said what he said anyway, and went on with his life. Since he’s gone, and I probably won’t ever be able to ask the man what he meant, I made my own conclusion.

I’ve been making it a goal to be a light. It’s my own personal mission to stay true to me, and my beliefs, in every aspect of life. Each morning that I wake up, I take a moment to both reflect and set an intention. Yesterday, the intention was STRONG, as I was set on flowing with my day with GRACE. Friday was rough, I left work stressed to the max, and I know that THAT IS NOT WHO I AM. I’d become moved by outer circumstances. As much as I’d tried, I’d released my own approach to life and flowed with the current of someone else’s intentions. Why would I do that? I know better right? The bottom line is I was not true to my authentic self.

As I sit here now, reflecting back, I recognize I should have stayed true to me from the beginning. There were plenty of opportunities for me to speak up and shift the energy Friday. I just didn’t. Fear kept my mouth shut. Sometimes, we’re so afraid of what someone else might say or think, that we keep our thoughts, comments, and opinions to ourselves. Hell, I know I come up with what would seem to be some off the wall shit to an unconscious mind. How would I look, in the middle of an inventory crisis, telling everyone: “Hey guys, the problem is not the problem! Our reactions to the problem is causing our grief!” Or what would would the average person say if I told them, “Look. You need to be still. Answers will come if we silence our minds.” My boss would’ve run my ass out the door with what she calls “my zen shit”! In all actuality though, those were the right answers, and I know that in the core of my being. Why didn’t I follow my own knowing? Because I was afraid that my authenticity wouldn’t have been accepted in that situation.

So here I am, with another lesson learned. Staying true to you, is what matters. People see your intent whether you want them to or not. You carry your intentions in your entire being. That fire that man saw, I believe, was the light I intended to be yesterday. Obviously it was shining through. How else would he know?

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