Shift your mindset!

Shift your mindset from “This is a burden,” to “This is a blessing.” This came to me last night. Sometimes we under appreciate what we have. I’m going to use your job as an example. When we’re not doing what we WANT to do, we go to work with a piss poor attitude. We carry a hostile reaction to the people we work with and the thing that we do. We feel like we are doing what we need to do in order to make ends meet, and we forget one fact. That job that we’re walking into is our primary source of income. It’s how we put food on the table, clothes on our backs, and a roof over our heads. That job, that we don’t want to do, is actually a blessing to us to help us in our daily lives that we’re treating as a burden. Instead of resisting it as we do, we need to embrace it for what it is— and make necessary changes to get where we want to be in the meantime. I’m sure if we look at anything we’re resisting, we can shift our mindsets from burden to blessing. The car we drive that is not the car we really want. The house we live in, that might need repairs. Even the debt we’re in that we’re trying to pay off! At one point, that debt was a blessing because you bought what you wanted! We get so caught up sometimes that we forget the little things. All things AIN’T bad. Sometimes it’s our mindset that needs to be adjusted to see the blessing instead of the burden.

I was trying to not say this but I feel like I have to. Your children are not burdens. They are not simply little responsibilities that you need to feed, clothe, and shelter. They are tiny little souls that should be nurtured. They are BLESSINGS. Treat them as such!! LOVE your children!

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