All people ain’t YOUR people

Beware those people who seem as if they’re building you up by putting you down. I just watched a video with a woman saying, “When you sit in shit so long, it stops stinking.” The “goal” of the video was to encourage you to do something with your life, and I agreed with it until I felt the intention behind the message.

A person shouldn’t have to make you feel like shit in order to empower you. They should be able to activate your genius by making you aware of the power within you. There’s positivity in lighting the fire that burns your soul. There’s nothing to gain, for you, by making you believe you are your insecurities.

Is it just me that feels like it’s counterproductive to make someone feel like shit so they can feel better? Does that even sound right? Let’s really think about it for a second. This person comes to you and says, “You suck! You should be better! I’m telling you this so you can do something with yourself.” You might do something with yourself, but it won’t be for you. It’ll be to make that same person say they approve. How is that benefiting you?

When a person has a true interest in your well being, they’re empowering, encouraging, and motivating you, with the intention of making you aware of the talents and gifts that you do have. Instead of them focusing on your weakness, they’re focused on your power. They’re telling you why you’re the shit. They’re making you aware of what you can do to make you feel a sense of purpose. They’re pushing you towards your own sense of authenticity and creativity. That’s benefiting you.

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