Raising a new kind of human…

And this, kids, is why I’m choosing to transform the entire way that I parent. I don’t want my children to grow up displaying the toxic traits they’ve learned from me. I want them to be able to love freely, share emotions in a healthy manner, value themselves as people that matter, and travel through life on their own journey shedding less “shit” than past generations. We’ve grown into a society where we don’t look at our children as individuals but more as miniature extensions as us. We mold them in a manner where they don’t have a voice unless we tell them they can have one, they don’t have a choice unless we make it for them,they can’t display emotions because it’s “disrespectful” and etc. That ain’t cool. I honestly believe that’s why depression and anxiety run rampant this day in age. People have been stifled. They weren’t allowed a release. So I choose to do my part starting with my own 2 children.

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