So let’s talk about set backs, failures, and undesirable circumstances. Most of my journey entails being in positions I don’t WANT to be in. It wasn’t until a couple years ago that I realized that those uncomfortable positions could be beneficial to my personal growth. I am the WORST when it comes to wallowing in victim mode. For whatever reason, I’ve always had this idea that I need a major miracle to push me forward or some knight in shining armor to come through and save the day for me. Is that bat shit crazy, lazy, or a combination of the two?

Eventually I found myself at a rock bottom in the midst of a serious depression. I won the battle with depression by realizing my circumstances weren’t what had me down, it was my mindset. Focusing on all that was wrong only fed the beast that weighed me down. So here I am years later wondering: So I’ve changed my mindset, but why haven’t my circumstances changed? The aha moment came for me this morning. Changing my mindset is only one step in the process of living my best life. NOTHING EVER CHANGES WITHOUT ACTION.

I’ll go ahead and admit that I read The Secret, did a bunch of research on The Law of Attraction, and everything stopped there. For the longest, I’ve been just creating images mentally of what I want and waiting for it to manifest magically physically in my life. Don’t laugh. That’s what I’ve been doing. Cause that’s what they tell you to do. They forgot to mention something, though.

Anything that I want starts first with a desire, then a plan, and is finished by action. The fear of the action not producing the desired outcome, I believe, is what has prevented me from taking the action to begin with. That sounds crazy, but think about it. Who wants to spend monetary resources on something they aren’t sure will produce quality results. Why would one use precious energy on something that ultimately fails. Even worse, what happens when you spend the resources, use the energy, and realize in the end that it was all wasted because what you got wasn’t what you wanted?

How does one achieve anything, though, if they won’t take the steps necessary to get there? So I believe that’s where I am in my personal journey: taking the necessary steps to get there. At this point I have to overcome my fear of failure. Today, I’m deciding to follow through with the plans. I won’t, from this day forward, choose to wait on the knight and shining armor. I’m my OWN knight. The only person who can save me is me. I’ve taken the first step, which is changing my mindset. It’s time for step two: ACTION.

Let’s go!

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