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There is nothing to fear except fear itself.

This evening I had to take a pause and recollect myself entirely. There is so much discord happening in the world today and I FELT myself being swept in with the masses. There is so much FEAR that is in play during this time, and while I’m not afraid of coronavirus, the universe found a way to get me to FEEL the fear that everyone else is feeling right now. I knew, as I came face to face with my OWN biggest fear, that there was something to be learned. A lesson was presenting itself, and the message had something to do with the collective consciousness of all people living on Earth right now.

I decided to pick up my Gene Keys book (by Richard Rudd) and instead of diving into my own holistic profile, dive into Earths profile as it is right now today. After plugging in the date and time, I was both relieved and shocked at the keys it produced which pretty much go hand in hand with what we’re experiencing today. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Gene Keys or I Ching, I can provide the best summary I can from my own level of understanding. Basically we were all created with genes encoded in our DNA — there are 64 total. Our holographic profiles point out the genes that are most prevalent in our bodies. They are the specific factors that determine how we live, think, be, function, perform, etc. They make up who we are and explain why we are who we are— think underlying currents in an ocean. Each Gene has 3 different frequency levels: the Shadow (which is the lowest frequency), the Gift (which is the middle frequency and reveals itself we’ve raised our vibration) and the Siddhi (the highest frequency- think of the vibrations Christ or Buddha would have reached).

Most people, when contemplating their own profile, focus mainly on the 4 keys in the outer aspect of the profile since they are the most prevalent in our bodies, and we’re more likely to see these genes manifest in our daily waking lives. These are Life’s Work, Evolution, Radiance and Purpose. It’s also best to think of these in sets. Your Life’s Work and Evolution are programming partners and your Radiance and Purpose are programming partners. Programming partners are like yin and yang. Yin is the force behind the action,— what you can’t see, and yang is the action itself— the thing you can see.

My purpose for writing this is to “get out” what I took from Earth’s profile today concerning her Life’s Work (what she’s trying to do) and her Evolution (what she’s trying to teach). I’m saying Earth, but you can say the universe, God, or whatever higher power you choose to believe in. In my eyes, it’s all the same, it affects us all, and we all contribute to the whole. Currently, the gene in transit for Life’s Work is GK 21. From Shadow to Siddhi, this is Control, Authority, and Valor. 21’s programming partner is GK 48: Inadequacy, Resourcefulness, and Wisdom. The Life’s Work is the yang— the physical manifestation, and the Evolution is the yin— the force and reason behind why we do it.

Anyway, with all that is happening now, and finally being in a fearful state, I thought it’d be best to look to the Gene Keys for clarity to understand WHAT is happening in the world today. To see Control and Inadequacy as the underlying shadow frequencies at play right now, was not only shocking, but encouraging because I know I’m on the right track to dissecting this unease that we’re ALL feeling. Here’s what I came to understand:

Control: the underlying root is control is based on territory. Territory is defined by all things you call your own: you as a human being, your family, your friends, your property, your community, your race, your country, etc. Your life and the events within your life are also pieces of your territory. We’re at a time now, with coronavirus, where our territory is being threatened— all of it. Our lives aren’t our own anymore: we’re on lockdown, many of us are unemployed, we have this disease that is spreading rapidly and we can’t stop it, our children aren’t in school, the stores’ shelves are bare, and we’re relying solely on the government to inform us through this crisis.

Consider looking down into a well and seeing only darkness, with no idea as to how deep the well may be or what could be at the bottom. Now consider falling into the well. Imagine the fear. We’ve already fallen into the well, and we’re in the middle of the panic of trying to figure out how long we’ll be falling and what happens when we reach the bottom. I’ll just be honest and say that we’re unsure of how we’ll make it, and that’s where our fear lies. Inadequacy, as I mentioned before, is GK 48’s shadow.

We are in the midst of a major shift in the way we operate systematically. The idea of separation and division has been debunked. Coronavirus, as much as I hate the word, had one function here on Earth— to remind us that we are connected. This one thing has travelled across the world impacting billions of lives in a matter of months. If that doesn’t show just how much we’re connected regardless of physical and mental barriers, I don’t know what will.

The same way COVID-19 has brought us together, it will break down more systems that has encouraged separation. Life as we know it, will not be the same. The outcome of that change is what we fear. We don’t know HOW we’ll operate in a world that is not systematically structured. Control has a lot to do with money, power, and the way we use it. Governments ALL OVER are in a state of chaos trying to control what is happening, but the fact is they can’t. It’s too late. Everything is already breaking down, and will continue to break down— no man walking this earth can prevent it.

We’ve lived in a world for so long where we’ve relied heavily on our government, but in recent times, the trust in political leaders has vanished. We KNOW there are people in powerful positions that are self serving. The lack of distrust is part of what is making the crisis harder to bear because we’re all trying to figure out how to save ourselves. However, at some point we have to be led. WHO will lead us, I’m unsure, but I am sure that the person we choose to follow will be someone of Authority ( 21 GK Gift frequency) and will lead in service instead of in their own interest.

The thing to hold on to is that all fear is a creation in our minds. Our current reality, as we have known it, is diminishing and it’s time to figure out another way to BE. The best way to survive is to take this time that we’re allotted via social distancing and quarantine to actually dive in and face the fear. What are we afraid of really? There is no such thing as inadequacy— the modern world conditioned us to believe that. Resources aren’t limited. There is no need to kill or be killed. All we really need is enough, and if we choose to go deep within ourselves, we’ll come to see that we will always be provided with enough. Always, because we are creators whether we realize it or not.

Now is the time to realize our own greatness— our talents and gifts (Resourcefulness GK 48). The world is shifting to a state where we will rely on one another to survive. We’re moving into a place where we, as people, will operate as a WHOLE. Once this realization happens within each one of us and we’ve identified our own gift to contribute, the unease will subside.

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