Personal Growth

Get a hobby…

I have a habit of exploring the depths of myself, while simultaneously viewing myself from the perspective of the people that experience me. The more I do it, the more I understand how the negative stigma of mental illness is created by someone’s judgement of how another expresses themself. “Mentally ill” is a label created by Western Society because anything you can’t understand is obviously something not “right” or “worthy” or “good”. Anything you don’t understand should surely be shunned, according to Western society. And since you don’t understand, I can’t help but to over express myself to MAKE you understand. I speak out. I argue. I express emotions. I do everything in my power to make you “get” what I’m trying to say.

“Mentally ill” is the term the unawakened use to label a person’s uncontrollable behavior to express their true nature. How ironic is it that most of history’s artists were (and are) what we call mentally ill?

Art in itself is the byproduct of the “mentally ill.” It’s unconsciously created by ones ability to channel and transform all of those thoughts and feelings during moments of bliss or suffering. Art is the manifestation of ones internal state into something that can be appreciated by someone else’s senses. It’s a CREATION in the form of music, a painting, a written word, a statue, food, or etc created during moments of intense joy or pain.

Art is created with passion- the desire to materialize or make known an intense emotion or feeling. It’s the physical expression of your inner state, expressed in a way that someone outside of you can understand, appreciate, and enjoy.

Without an outlet, all of this passion manifests as insanity. Without the ability to create, the passion becomes obsession. It becomes uncontrolled outbursts of emotion without purpose. The lack of a creative outlet to express one’s true essence creates what we call “mental illness.”

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