Personal Growth

Love yourself or nobody will…

I’m 33 years old and finally understanding what it means to love yourself. Self love is truly derived from a place of ensuring your own well being. It’s not simply putting on a pretty dress and doing your makeup so you feel good. It’s a bit more than making sure you’re eating the “right” foods to ensure health. “When you look better, you feel better,” is only a piece of loving yourself.

Caring for yourself originates from a longing to FEEL content, cared for, needed, and LOVED. It’s sparked by the revelation that you’re the only person who can TRULY satisfy your desires. It’s taking back the power from all outside forces that determine your happiness.

Self love is knowing when to be selfish with yourself to prevent heartache, discomfort & disappointment. It’s realizing that you are the only person who can be responsible for yourself, while simultaneously realizing that YOU aren’t responsible for anyone else’s happiness. When you truly love yourself, you don’t feel guilty about putting you first every now and then.

Loving yourself involves having compassion for yourself, recognizing your feelings, and catering to your own needs. It’s being your own support system every now and then. Self love is being your number one fan, your biggest supporter, your protector, your everything you need. Loving yourself is KNOWING if all else fails and everyone else turns their back that you still have you.

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