Personal Growth

My Suns

God blessed me with sons I have as an everlasting reminder to practice patience with the male species. My entire adult life has been shaped around pain caused by males so much that I, at some point, made a subconscious decision to not invest too much of my attention into any male. At some point, I learned how to predict a painful future and cut off the connection before the feelings could develop.

But then God gave me not one, but two little male beings that were the perfect reflections of me. The good and the bad. The extrovert and the introvert. The quiet and the loud. The obedient and the rebel. They have the ability to drive me insane and remind me of why life is worth living simultaneously. They are miniature masculine versions of myself.

And I can’t help but to love them and want to protect them. They are of so much importance to me that I base my own worth on how good of a job I do keeping them safe from the possible harshness of the world. Because they are my suns.

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