Personal Growth


This past week has been a whirlwind. I’ve been in a state of depression and shock. Life, literally, stopped. All of I’ve been doing is reminiscing on happier times. Remembering times to laughter and love. Of the higher points in life where nothing else mattered but the joy we where experiencing in that moment.

Today, right now, in this exact moment and the moments to follow while I’m thinking of you— these are the experiences I will remember you by. That will be your legacy in MY mind. It was your gift of joy and laughter you shared at your highest points.

And now that you’re gone, what I am experiencing is other people’s same moments with you to add to my memories. So right now I’m thankful for your presence while you were here. I never got to say that to your face. I know that you feel me right now. So fly high. And rest your soul, literally, in peace

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