What if God Expressed Emotions Through the Weather?

What if the weather & nature were God’s expression of his emotions.

What if he were just like artists that manifest their emotions physically? Like someone in love creates a beautiful, heartfelt love song or if he were heart broken he might belt out his agony through the blues. Or a sculptor that’s at peace creating an angelic creation in stone but if he were in a darker place he could create an atrocity that would be terrifying to look at. Painters can create images that bring you peace and imagination or a painting could be disturbing and anxiety ridden.

What if God expressed his emotions through weather, what would that look like? Happiness is sunshine? Sadness is rain? Anger is storms? Passion would be lightning— depended on how it’s expressed it can be beautiful or deadly. If you were to look at nature’s state around the world RIGHT NOW, what would he be saying?

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