What do you think???

What do you think the world would feel like without government? 🤔

Like if everyone in the world lived as free people without interference of the criteria set by government?

Like if land was owned by God and God alone. There are no deeds determining what piece of property is yours to use as you wish? How would you mark your spot? What would you do to make sure you felt safe in your space? How would you support yourself to manifest the things you needed to survive?

What if there was no such thing as the 3 branches of the government? What if we all had to show up as a collective body to represent what we stood up for without a title or name attached to it? If there was no person to represent US?

And what if there was no one who could tell us we were right or wrong to believe in what we believed? To take it further, what if there were no laws to punish us for what we believed???

One person’s right can always be another person’s wrong. A broke single mom stealing formula from a grocery store because she can’t feed her child- should she be punished for that? Or a physically abused spouse ending the life of their abuser in the midst of another violent altercation- can we blame her?

What if WE had no say in how those people are punished… and we just left it to God?? Or karma? Or life?

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