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You Aren’t Broken- A message from my ancestors

You feel broken, but that’s okay. You have been working my dear. You’ve been perfecting and manifesting by laboring and diving deep into the ancestral plagues that’ve bound you. You’re breaking curses given to us by the sins of our fathers. All of the wounds we have endured are being healed through YOU. You’re strong though because through it all the tears and the heartache, you have been healing YOU.

You have a vision. Keep it in mind because YOU, my love, are divine and inspired.  You feel like the battle has been lost. It’s only just begun. The battle is never over. The only way to win in the game of life is by celebrating smaller victories day by day. There is no reason to lose sleep over what no longer is or never ever even was. Anxiety is of the mind. Balance yourself by placing your focus on the physical aspects of your being. As within, so without. Don’t get ahead of yourself, stay here in this present moment. Live in this moment. We need you to know that it’s time to show the world the real you. Remember to remain connected with our divine guidance sourced only through you and always stay inspired.

You’ve been creating love and harmony in your life. Consciously continue magnify these connections by showing up as the best version of yourself that you are capable of being. You are not perfect, you are human. Mistakes will be made but every mistake is a lesson of learning and an opportunity to grow. Slow down and show yourself patience. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You are constant a work in progress. Make it a conscious effort to love YOU as you are. It is okay if you feel broken. You are never damaged beyond repair. Hurt might be what you feel, but healing sometimes involves pain and you’ve been healing. It’s okay to rest, that’s where your dreams manifest.

Endings happen, it’s okay. The death of anything is simply a transition from one state of being into another. In order for any cycle to end a death must happen and the toxic cycles will feel more like a purge. That’s why we’re talking to you today. It’s because you are feeling broken.

You are not broken, you’re healing. Your soul and body are purging painful mental, spiritual and physical contaminants because they are not serving the healthiest version of you. Continuously detoxify and let all things meant to be released go. It might be hard, and it might hurt, but such is the journey of a free spirit. You are not meant to hold on to everything. As the saying goes, this to shall pass. You are not bound to your past. Let go. Release. You’re gifted with the ability to see any negative as a positive. Continuously shift your view until you can see the bigger picture. There is always another perspective and light at the end of a tunnel. Use this gift to transform any contaminating remnants of your past into fuel for your future.  You were built to withstand change.

The only thing you are bound to in this world is your name and a name can change based on the observation and perspective of the observer. Your name itself is not what makes you who you are- it’s the energy you carry. Your spirit is beautiful. Share that with those that need it.   Humans are destined to evolve. As much as you’ve been through, you know that when one door is closed another will open. Take the opportunity to cross those thresholds with ease.

Embrace the idea of beautiful beginnings instead of self sabotaging because of painful endings. Life is full of fresh starts. Commencements are opportunities to create a new and celebrate life’s forward progress. Graduate continuously with a degree in Greatness. Manifestations and experiences are always on the horizon. Create an abundance miracles. Imagine a blank canvass at your disposal with an option to create anything your mind and heart desires. Paint the picture you wish see. Be sure to make it pleasant.

Don’t miss out on blessings because your focus and attention are on a past you cannot change. Invest your entire state of being, instead, into the present God has gifted to enjoy and the future you are destined to create. Always move forward with divine guidance and common sense. Stay focused and tuned inward as both your body and soul know what feels RIGHT. Lightness is always present in what is right. Let the lightness of your being guide you. BE the light.

You feel like you’ve lost, and you feel broken, but the only battle you’ve ever fought was against yourself. Knowing that, is the battle over? Is it ever too late for YOU to win against a previous outdated version of you? STAY FOCUSED ON HOW YOU FEEL IN THE PRESENT. Balance what you’ve learned from the past with what you FEEL in the present and what you’d like to experience in the future. Create with intention. Experiences are the building blocks of life. Continuously repair your foundations and build for a better future.

Don’t resist change. Ride the waves and feel mother nature’s order in every storm. Stay grounded but flow with life. As a human being you can only move forward. There is no such thing as a redo or a rewind. Release what is holding you back every night as you lay your head to rest. Resurrect in the morning and see how far you have made it. Fully experience who you have become, what you’ve achieved, and appreciate all that you’ve chosen to create.  See your creation in its entirety and mend what needs mending. There is no win or lose in life. There is only life- what it was, what it is, and what it COULD be. It’s up to you to determine what that is.   

Pause. Surrender. Let go. See the bigger picture. Is this what you have all there is for you? Or is what you lost all that it was? Let it go. It’s over. That is that. You have a calling that is higher than any mind perceived failure. You have a future that is greater than you can imagine in this present state. Do not doubt the word God has given to you and receive the messages given; those subtle hints that affirm you are you are headed in the right direction.

Have peace and be still. You might’ve felt broken, but that’s okay, because you’ve been working, Sweetpea. You’ve been healing and creating. You’ve been laboring on yourself and you’ve been diving deeper into tending to those things that have ailed you. You have been working on YOU. You’ve always had a vision and now you’re experiencing those dreams created in your mind in your physical reality. Keep creating because YOU are divinely guided and inspired.

Cherish the moment. This is a moment YOU created. If you are going to use your mind, use it to create a better future for yourself and those you love. Use your energy to invest in all things you will to thrive. YOU ARE LOVED. Purging is tough but your most toxic cycle is OVER. Your world is yours to create with every gift, resource and ounce of willpower in your possession. How will you use your power to create?

Since you were born, you’ve always had a blessing with your name on it. You’ve been so busy looking outward for your reward that you haven’t stopped to realize just how beneficial and powerful that blessing ever can be. Did you hear what I just said? There is a blessing with your name on it. You ARE the blessing. Be sure to make your presence a gift of joy. Say it out loud: “I am blessed.”

Do NOT let anyone make you believe you are less than deserving of what you know and feel to be yours. Your feelings, your body, your health and your state of being are all yours to own. Don’t give any of that away. You deserve what is right for you, and only you know what that is. Set boundaries. Use your words. Say what you mean and mean what you say. But use your word with integrity.

Never forget the laws of nature. What goes up must come down. Where there is any action there will be an equal and opposition reaction, unless you’re pouring your self into a black hole. Pour your spirit and energy into things which will create some chance of return on your investment. Do not gamble with your energy and waste yourself because if you did- what would be your purpose? Your purpose is not to WASTE, your purpose is to multiply. Have faith. Plant your seeds, mend your fertile ground, and watch your garden grow. Stay connected to the present moment and consciously create a better “next” one.  Never forget though, all you have is NOW.

There is always more for you, be intentional about receiving more of what is good. Keep in mind that emotions pass. They are not meant to last forever. In every chance that you can, choose the higher vibration. See with your eyes what your heart can’t feel. You have senses. Use them. Remind yourself in every moment the purpose of why you are here and doing what you’re doing.

Stay tuned in to you. Sometimes what feels good doesn’t feel good and vice versa. This is a sign, one of those “messages” that you are out of alignment. Your mental and emotional state should always match your physical state of being. Exercise and be active. Do you. Go out and play. Take care of your body and mind, and always connect to the spiritual connection within you to ensure you are living a life worth living.

You were born to create an abundance of all things that are GOOD. You know this already. You feel it in your bones and sense it in your spirit. You are divine. Sure, you might feel broken right now, but that’s okay, because you have been working honey. You had a vision. We’re so glad that you kept that vision in mind because you have always been divine and inspired.  You know the battle hasn’t been lost. Quit letting the past nag at you and you better not lose any more sleep. Continue to fight the good fight in this battle of love and life and always be ready to learn. Show the world the real you, as you are. Anytime you need us, we will be here and speak to you in divine timing just like today. Chin up. Yesterday is over. There is always a better future. You just need to create it…

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