Personal Growth


Make today the  beginning of the end

Make it the commencement of where you’re going

And the finality of of where you’ve been

It’s time for you as a human being to ascend

Ascend from your mind’s creation and connection of struggle to life

Prohibit yourself from moving forward with an expectation of strife

It’s time to shed the ideas of desperation and lack

You need to realize you’re only holding yourself back

What good is the investment of your attention to Instagram and Tik Tok Trends

Start creating a life of prosperity and grace and finding peace within 

Embrace humility and create help create a life where love is the force that “wins”

It’s impossible to create your destiny if you’re scared of what someone else will say

You’ll only hold YOURSELF back by trying to save face

It’s time to stop living in the past

You’re headed somewhere, to the future

And The days are moving fast

By releasing the thoughts of what “is”

And cutting the cords that bind you to what was

You’ll meet the highest version will help YOU to rise above

It’s time to start breaking chains

And The links that are binding you to this life

That you’re living in vain

The ultimate goal is to give back

Here is my contribution I’m sharing some life hacks

This is a tip you need to let go

Shed the belief you that you don’t have control

Your unconscious patterns and belief systems are mind traps

They’re hindering progression and holding you back

They’re binding you to an energy depleting, systematic, clusterfuckish shit show

There’s a lot more to life that you have not been allowed to know

Change inevitably starts with YOU

Visualize the people you’d like to meet

See, feel, and imagine who they will be

Formulate a plan to become one of these people too

Execute. Follow it through.

Your habits can be a bitch

The repeated actions you’re taking are causing your fucked up reality to stick

It’s time to do something different- take notice of your robotic behaviour.

Ask yourself what can I do to make a wave, an action I can take

To help my reality shift  instead of waiting patiently, desperately for a saviour?

You are what you believe

& if you “know” that you are this small, limited being

How do you expect to be free?

Liberate your mind.  Heal your soul. 

Get creative. Use your imagination.Spew excitement.

Lose control and the manifestations will follow.

Do all of this, and life as you know it will shift

Watch opportunities arise and become more aware of your gift

The gift of the present moment and the opportunity to make change NOW

Love, abundance, and prosperity are not just one person’s destiny.

We can all create it. I just told you how.

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