Journeying into the Past

I’ve always wondered about the things that make me me. The older I get, the more I realize that I’ve been shaped by various influences, included my ancestors who I’ve never met. This journey started, originally, because I was interested in discovering more about my mother’s family. Attending a family reunion is like being in the midst of a melting pot of different flavors, hues, spices, personalities, etc. I wanted to find out why where these people so fair skinned? Why was my great grandmother, according to my mom, so color struck. What were we really? Were we mixed with white and black? Were we creole? Why am I much darker? In what ways was I connected to these people who look nothing like me?

This journey started in 2016, and it’s been like traveling down a rabbit hole since then. It’s an endless exciting journey. Researching each line of my history is like living in a totally different era. Each time I move on the to next person, I feel as if I am living a new life, and telling a new story. Each ancestor has their own flavorful journey.

Since no one in my family has decided to take this journey, I am choosing to document my findings for anyone who may choose to embark on this same journey into their history. I hope you enjoy.